A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT - Summit Financial Networks
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President Marshall

I started in the securities business over 40 years ago as a financial advisor working for what was one of the first independent broker-dealers. Frustrated by the lack of support I was receiving, I decided in 1983 to form an independent broker-dealer created for, and run by, former financial advisors.

In Summit, I saw an opportunity to build another firm committed to maintaining a culture among our employees to provide the highest standard in personalized service to each of our financial advisors and their clients.


By becoming Networks’ highest producing per advisor region, we were able to eliminate the time and resources we were spending to operate as stand-alone broker-dealer. Importantly, we were then able to refocus those resources on doing what we do best, growing our advisor’s business.


Summit remains as the go-to resource for all our advisors by supporting them in every facet of their business. Most importantly throughout the years, our culture has always remained the same. We are driven by our belief that, as a financial advisor affiliated with Summit, we owe it to you to:


    • Recognize that you, the advisor, are our client;
    • Build a firm based on honesty and candor; and
    • Provide you with access to the best products and platforms.

Summit is here to increase the quality of life for its advisors, just like they increase the quality of life for their clients.


Providing what we believe is the best possible service to our advisors is the core of what we do, and one of the reasons why we believe Summit’s advisor retention rate is among the highest in the industry. Our goal, quite simply, is to provide the support our financial advisors need and deserve to service their clients without limitation, and to do so in such a way that makes them proud to call Summit home.


Marshall T. Leeds
President & Regional Director