WHAT IS A BOUTIQUE FIRM? - Summit Financial Networks
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For advisors to effectively do their job, keep up with innovation and build a successful practice, it is critical that they have the right tools and support, and the right firms to support them. In the search for the ideal partner, financial advisors should carefully consider what type of affiliation will provide the best fit not only for where their business is presently, but more importantly, where they want their business to go.

Does the potential firm have the programs and personnel in place to provide the type of support needed? Can the potential firm provide a better client experience? How will the potential firm make doing business easier and better? Can they take your practice to the next level?

Joining an independent firm can be financially and personally rewarding, if you choose the right firm. The industry offers financial advisors choices on service models, organizational preferences and compensation structures.

For many advisors, a boutique firm offers a cultural element that doesn’t exist at most other firms. The opportunity to be heard and having direct access to decision-makers, resulting in a more personalized service experience.

Summit offers a different cultural experience than most other firms. The Company differentiates itself by recognizing that servicing clients is the most important thing their financial advisors do, on the other hand servicing the financial advisor is the most important thing we can do.

The firm is managed by former financial advisors who are committed to maintaining a culture of providing the highest standard in personalized service to each of its financial advisors and their clients.

Summit’s philosophy remains as it has been from the start: treat its financial advisors as clients and build a firm based on honesty and candor while providing advisors with access to the best products, platforms and services.

At Summit, the goal is to minimize the amount of time advisors and their staff spend on operational issues so they can spend more time growing their business. To join the Summit team, call 800.354.5528 to speak with a Business Development Associate.